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Luis Esparza aka "Bahgo74", is a true innovator in the genre known as urban art. He has transcended the classic structures of this popular genre. Like many graffiti artists, his work as an urban artist was done purely with the aim of self-expression. Gradually, he began to take his artistic potential seriously and developed his own

unique style while studying at Art Center College in

Pasadena. Here he imbibed the influence of such

artists as Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso and applied

them to the development of his explosive new style.

Always striving for innovation, Bahgo74 seeks to

pioneer new chapters in the renaissance of urban art.

In addition to his work as a visual artist,Bahgo74

also expresses himself artistically as a talented

hip-hop musician, creating colorful landscape beats

and melodies that are as unique as his paintings. 


After graduating from the Art Institute with a B.A. in

Graphic Design, Bahgo74 was inspired to return to his

artistic roots as a graffiti artist. Through the

influences imbibed through his studies at the Art

Institute and his vast knowledge of techniques in

graffiti art and canvas painting, Bahgo74 has

become a major player in urban art and has contributed

significantly to its growth.

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